Saturday, January 31, 2009

The year of the socks

Well, I've decided to give "Blogland" a try again. I spend many hours visiting my favorite blogs and I feel maybe I should give back a little by sharing what I do in my part of the universe. So here it goes....again.

2008 will go down in history as the year I learned how to knit socks on double pointed needles (dpns). I have been knitting and crocheting since I was in elementary school with many thanks to a patient mother and grandmother. When Christmas 2007 was over and thoughts of Christmas 2008 loomed in my mind (you crafty handmade people know what I'm talking about). You know, that panic that sets in to your mind and says "what am I going to make for Christmas gifts next year?" My answer came when I entered my local yarn shop and was directed to a simple sock pattern which I proceeded to purchase. I also purchased a sock book that had diagrams and good instructions on using the dpns, yarn and patterns. With the help of the shop owner I was on my way to a new addiction...knitting with dpns, and socks of course!

Above is a photo of the socks I knit for my sister and my niece. The adult pattern is called Hellen 's Favorite Socks and the kids pattern is called Bright Blocks for Kids .

I simplified them by using varigated worsted weight yarn in an acrylic and wool blend for easy care. The yarn is called Encore Colorspun by Plymouth Yarn.

Above are the socks I knit for my brother-in-law and nephew. I used the same pattern and type of yarn as above. The boys are big Florida Gator fans so the yarn color was perfect!

I also made my Dad, my Mom, and my other neice and 2 nephews a pair. Hmm, did I leave anyone out...maybe myself and my own kid? Isn't that always the way?

And in case you are wondering, I have started on Christmas 2009 of course!

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