Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Let me just say WWaaahhooo!! Ya know that feeling you get when summer is here and you peel off your wool socks and shoes that have been so confining? There's that moment you slip on your most comfortable pair of flip flops that have been beckoning from the back of your closest all winter long? Oh yes, this is freedom! I must say making this quilt was a very freeing experience for me. You should have seen my grin at the completion of my first block...yippee!I was inspired by this quilt and Amanda Jean to create this baby. No pattern, no rotary cutter or mat. It was just me, scissors, fabric scraps and my trusty machine (and my dog that couldn't understand what all the excitement was about). Log cabin quilts are a favorite of mine, so this was a fun way to add a "wonky", modern twist. I pieced the binding out of scraps and machine quilted it with a meandering flower pattern. As a quilter, part of being creative for me has always been taking a pattern and making it my own. Whether it was using different fabrics or modifying the pattern. Thanks to many bloggers out there I am now stretching my creative muscles further by finding inspiration in what they create. I'm putting on my flip flops and wiggling my toes....freedom!


amandajean said...

i LOVE your quilt! it's a beautiful quilt...the soft colors are so wonderful. and the quilting is amazing. nice job!!!

Kim said...

It is soooo sweet. I really like the quilting.