Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cotton Dishcloths

Last summer I purchased some cotton yarn at our local AC Moore to make some dishcloths. I was sick of purchasing paper towels and using them to wipe down the counters. I'm all about reusing. I just throw these into the wash with a load of towels. You can even pre-soak them in white vinegar and water (vinegar is my friend!!) to freshen them up.
I used a large skein of natural along with a skein of sage green and a multi colored yarn. There are so many patterns out there to chose from, but I did my own thing. I chained about 28 stitches and used a single crochet throughout because I wanted the stitches to be dense. When my piece was square I simply made a border by stitching a couple rows of single crochet around the square doing 3 stitches in each corner.
There are so many fun ways to make dishcloths. I've done several different ones but have already gifted them and never took pictures. This was a wonderful project to do while I was watching TV. A very mindless project which I need at the end of the day when my brain feels like mush!


Jan said...

I love the dishcloths DeeLee! I have several friends who make them ... someday I shall join you if I ever learn how!!!!

barb's creations said...

Okay now I have an idea on how to crochet them instead of knitting which I'm not too good at I'll attempt making some of these as soon as I buy some cotton.Was the cotton 4ply or 8 ply thickness? :) Barb.