Sunday, September 13, 2009

Works in Progress

So I got a bunch of stuff done in August and now that I am almost half way into September and I haven't finished a thing. I have a bunch of things in the works, but nothing complete yet. I even have one of those "mistakes" I need to unravel and start over again. I have been knitting a beanie for my nephew, and it's just too big. I was in denial and just kept knitting hoping foolishly that it would miraculously work. I just hate checking my gauge for knitting and I suffer the consequences! I should know by now but I'm just a rebel!
I'm taking a sock knitting class at my local knitting shop. Yes, I've knitted socks before. I have even posted about them on my blog. The thing is I wanted to push the envelope a little farther and work with actual sock yarn. The yarn I'm using is a gorgous hand dyed wool. The photo doesn't do it justice. I'm so excited to finish them, but it is very slow going.In my quilting world I'm working on a version of "Stacked Coins". I'm modifying it a bit and flying by the seat of my pants. That's usually how I work best. I'm using charm packs of "Chocolate" by Moda. I'm hoping I'll have enough fabric to do a queen sized quilt.

Well, I better get back to work if I want to finish anything this month!

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Jan said...

The "coins" are looking great DeeLee and I love the color of those socks. I've never taken a class on quilting, but I'd really love to learn how to knit. I tried to teach myself, but the patterns are really confusing to me, so hope to take a class on that someday :)